FYS was founded in 2004 in China. We supply threaded inserts for metals, plastics, hardwood and plywood. Over the 14 years of our company history, the number of products we have manufactured adds up to billions. Today FYS is a leader in modern fastening technology especially in the production of wire screw thread insert, key locking screw thread insert, self tapping insert.self tapping insert. FYS brand inserts are widely used by manufacturers in a variety of markets including automotive, electrical devices, aerospace and manufacturing equipment. If you have a specific problem related to the field of fastening technology, FYS has the solution for you.


Creativity and quality are the core of FYS's business. We have about 100 skilled workers, 10 experienced engineers, 5,000 square meters of factory, with eight automated assembly lines, 80 CNC precision equipment. Learn more >>